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Villa Magnolia Parc recommends its favourite addresses ... around Montélimar

In the day time

Discover the lavender fields (June/July) and the sunflowers (July/August) around Montélimar as well as the numerous Villages Provençales with their local markets
Go visit la Maison des Truffes in Saint-Paul-3-Chateaux, and taste fresh truffles (from December till Mid March)
Play golf on the nearby courses of Valdaine and Clansayes 
Go hiking or cycling around Montélimar and in the Ardèche, that is just 3km away. Go visit the Gorges de l'Ardeche and the Pont de l'Ardeche
Visit the Museum for Military Aircrafts on Montélimar airport, the best museum of this kind in Europe.
Go shopping in the old town of Montélimar and visit one of its markets there.
Have a relaxed lunch on Montélimar's boulevard. See and be seen...
Visit one of the local Nougat factories/museums and taste Montélimar's finest. 
Visit the old castle of the Adhemar's that still dominates the city. 
Enjoy the flee markets on Saturdays and Sundays.

Visit the museum of minitiatures or one of the expositions in the museum for contemporary art.

Visit a Beekeeper in Roussas, where you can examine, among other things, a functioning, openwork "beehive"
Make a discovery tour of the wine cellars in the Rhone vally. Chateau-neuf-du-Pape is just half an hour away from here.
Do some sightseeing around Montélimar, for example the Chateaus of Suze-la-Rousse and Grignan.

In the evening

Have dinner in one of the 45+ restaurants nearby, if wheather permits outside, on a terrace.
Enjoy an icecream and take a walk along Montélimars Boulevard and Public parc.
Visit one the festivities in the town centre, organised all year round around various themes. (music, arts, lavender etc.)

discover the potters of Cliousclat - Villa Magnolia Parc - Guest house in Montélimar, Drôme Provençale

The potters of Cliousclat


In Cliousclat, visit the workshop-shop shared by 9 potters with very different creations.
Pottery has a long tradition in Cliousclat, the origin of the use of local clay goes back to Roman times...
After your visit, and a few metres from the shop, don't hesitate to have a glass of organic wine on the terrace of the Alandier.
visit the workshop of the silk museum in Montélimar - Villa Magnolia Parc - Maison d'Hôtes in Montélimar, Drôme Provençale

Silk Museum


visit the tower of crest - Villa Magnolia Parc - Maison d'Hôtes in Montélimar, Drôme Provençale

The Tower of Crest

A day of shopping in the pleasant centre of Crest, and an ascent of the Tower on the programme!
The highest keep in France, this 52-metre tower with its medieval architecture is part of a vast fortress that dominates the town of Crest.
Don't hesitate, the panorama is well worth the effort!

visit the Arnaud Soubeyran Museum - Villa Magnolia Parc - Maison d'Hôtes in Montélimar, Drôme Provençale

Arnaud Soubeyran Nougat Museum

Visit the Arnaud Soubeyrand nougat house for a tour of the factory and its museum.
The art of nougat is presented in a playful way with stories, secrets of yesteryear and flavours that will whet your taste buds until you reach the tea room to taste the delicious nougat cake!
bike rental - electric bike rental - Villa Magnolia Parc - Maison d'Hôtes in Montélimar, Drôme Provençale

Bicycle and electric bike hire

Reserved for the most courageous, because it climbs a lot!
You can rent mountain bikes at the Marsanne tourist office, but especially electric bikes to ride these magnificent hills without too much effort.
Hire is by the hour, half-day or day.
Visit the herb garden in Montélimar - Villa Magnolia Parc - Guest house in Montélimar, Drôme Provençale

Garden of Herbs

Open: daily from 8 am to 10 pm.Free admission. Guided tours on request.
Location : 10 km N. of Bollène, 20 km S. of Montélimar, 5 km E. Pierrelatte by A 7, Montélimar sud interchange and Bollène, N 7 by Pierrelatte or Donzère then D 458.
Proprietors : Commune de La Garde-Adhémartel. 04 75 04 41 09fax 04 75 04 43 44
discover Rhône wines - red wines - white wines - Villa Magnolia Parc - Maison d'Hôtes in Montélimar, Drôme Provençale

Wines of the Rhône Vally

Montélimar lies in the very heart of the Rhone valley, that is famous for its wines. To the North we have the Hermitage, Saint Joseph, the Côte Rotie and Condrieu to name a few. To the East we have Die, famous for its sparkling wines, and to the South we are close to Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Chateauneuf-du-Pape and (need I say more...) Why not stay on a day in our Villa and discover the Rhône wines? We could help you organise one or more bespoke days with visits to the best winemakers of the region. Winemakers with a story. Whether they produce their wines the organic- or the classic way, each visit is different, is interesting and will help you understand and appreciate the Rhone wines better. Needless to say that you will be able to buy the wines of your choice directly from the producers as well...... You will be picked up at our Villa in the morning, have a most interesting day sampling wines, and be brought back onto our doorstep in the late afternoon. You will then enjoy your dinner in one of the 35 restaurants in the centre of Montélimar at walking distance. If you are interested in such a day, please let us know soonest? Our tour guide is a native English speaker.

Or what about a private lesson in whatever it is that you would like to know or experience about wines.