Villa Magnolia Parc

18 Avenue de Rochemaure

26200 Montélimar - France

[email protected]

+33 (0) 469 266 043

How to get here

To get here, it is the easiest way to follow the N7 Valence - Avignon, that surpasses Montélimar on the West side. You will find the N7 when you exit the motorway at either Montélimar Nord or Montélimar Sud.

- From Montélimar Nord (exit 17) : Follow the N7 for 10km. When you reach Montélimar, turn right on the large roundabout, direction Orange, and continue on the N7. Cross the next roundabout. On the following roundabout, the one with a fighter plane, go left, take the exit Montélimar Centre.

- From Montélimar Sud (exit 18): Follow the N7 direction Valence until you find a roundabout with a fighter plane, with the exit Montélimar Centre.

- When you approach Montélimar from the West, f.e. via N102, please drive via Rochemaure. Cross the Rhône river there, following directions to Montélimar. Just drive straight on. Your road will become the Avenue de Rochemaure after a few km’s.

At the exit Montélimar Centre you are already on the Avenue de Rochemaure. Drive down the Avenue. We are on your left immediately after the tunnel.
When you arrive at our address, 18 Avenue de Rochemaure, you will find a large green gate. This gate is on the South side of our parc. Our car parc however is on the North side. Turn left and drive along the large white building next to our parc. At the end of the white building you will find a large black gate in wrought iron. The address of that black gate is 1-Bis Rue Paul Loubet. Behind the gate you will see another green gate, on your left, the entrance to our car park.

To let us know that you have arrived, you can use the telephone next to the black gate (we are listed as Villa Magnolia, which you can select by pressing the upwards arrow button) or you can also, upon arrival, give us a quick ring at +33 469 266 043 which is also the most convenient option.

If you come by train

Our Villa is just a few hundred meter from the Montélimar TGV station. After exiting the station, turn left on the Rue Olivier de Serres. Follow the street for about 250m. The Montélimar parc is on your right. The first road crossing is the Avenue the Rochemaure. We are 40m to the left, across the street, the green gate.

Villa Magnolia Parc

18 Av. de Rochemaure, Montélimar, 26200, France